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IMG_1536-001After working in corporate America for 14 years for some of the largest medical device companies in the world, my journey in life has led me to become a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach. I maintain a private practice in Waco, Texas and colaborate with coaches across the country and also on an international level. I have been recognized as one of America’s Premier experts in helping individuals and businesses embrace change and transition in the world today. Over the years, I’ve worked with athletes, business owners, professional educators, and executives who struggle each day with the stress and pressure to perform at their jobs. Many times, it can even affect the health and well-being of the person. During my experiences as an athlete and working in the corporate setting, I always had expectations to perform at a very high level and it can be difficult. In sales, you may have one good month, but everything starts over the following month. Therefore, it may seem that you never can be good enough. It reminds me of the song “What Have You Done For Me Lately”. Constant change and never producing enough to make anyone happy. As an employee it can become dissatisfying and can lead to frustration in our jobs and not having fun in all that we do. However, we must learn the skills we need to overcome the obstacles we face as we prepare ourselves to perform .

The days of working for one company for 30 years are almost over and layoffs are becoming more prevalent. Research is beginning to show that the majority of people during this generation may change jobs or careers up to 8 times during a lifetime! As a result, these individuals are in jobs or relationships they don’t want to be in. In life, their performance decreases and productivity begins to decline in all they do. Unfortunately, their “blueprint” for life has changed and they don’t know what to do or where to turn. Reality is, whether it’s a mom, dad, child, teacher, or business executive, this population is being affected by the change and transition of our world today like never before.

During the time I have with my 3 kids, I spend time chasing them to basketball, soccer, guitar lessons and other activities. Those things don’t even include the homework and other school functions that are a priority! They enjoy their one on one time with Dad and I make sure that we continue to develop that relationship. My first son Braden can do just about anything he puts his mind too and does very well in basketball along with his academics. My second son Caden is very special to me. As you will read in my book, he was born with Prader-Willi syndrome and has his challenges, but he has never met a stranger and people love him! Aubrey is my 3rd one, and needless to say, she is the daughter that attempts to rule the roost and definitely can keep up with the other two! They are a true blessing and I’m very proud of them for what they have accomplished.

Over the past several years I have had my real estate license and enjoy working with people seeking a new home or farm and ranch land. For most people purchasing real estate, it is a new beginning and I enjoy being a resource for them.
At least every other year, I enjoy the time I get to spend in the mountains of Colorado with family. It is a refreshing time and enjoy both the summer and skiing in the winter. I never can find enough time to spend at our ranch, but when I do, I’m able to relax and enjoy it. Kinda’ forced to when you don’t have cell service or much internet access!! Staying “connected” seems to be how we operate these days! I wish I had a nickel for every time I say the famous phrase, “Can you hear me now?”

Of course, having gone to Baylor, played baseball at Baylor, and still living in Waco, I enjoy attending Baylor sporting events. Now that Football and Basketball are on the map (and others) it has become an exciting environment to be around over the past few years!! The kids have fun dressing up in their green and gold and for my 6 year old daugter, she prefers her cheerleading uniform!!! I included a pic for you to check out below!!

I could go on and on, but the most important thing you need to know about my coaching practice is that the relationship we will have is all about “You”! It’s not about my agenda, it’s about how I can serve you. How can I be a resource to you? What tools can I offer while you begin to “align yourself” with what you want out of a job, relationship, or life. I want to equip you with what you need that will allow you to experience a life of true transformation.

When you choose to begin a coaching relationship with me, we start with finding out what you want to get out of your coaching experience. We all have personal and professional life challenges and we can’t get through them alone! I’ve found that out the hard way and that’s why I have my own life coach myself!! I believe in it and the effect that it can have on your life or in your business. So, please go to my “Contact Me” tab and give me your information so you can take advantage of a FREE coaching session!! It would be an honor to work with you and hope to hear from you soon!!

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